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At Potts Print (UK) we not only balance carbon across the business, we make sure we're producing as little as possible in the first place. The Potts Print (UK) GreenPrint Team is responsible for ensuring socially responsible and ecologically sound best practices are in place throughout the business, and innovatively reducing its carbon footprint. Here are some of the initiatives we've implemented so far…


FSC and PEFC the two leading non-profit organisations that are helping to sustainably manage the world's forests. Potts Print (UK) was one of the first companies in the UK to hold both accreditations.

Learn more at FSC and PEFC

ISO 14001

The ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard helps organisations to minimize negative effects operations have on the environment, comply with applicable laws and to continually improve.

Learn more at ISO14001

Waterless Printing

Our waterless Presstek DI digital offset press prints cleaner, sharper images with less dot gain and greater consistency. It is also better for the environment.

Learn more at Presstek

Alcohol Free Printing

No alcohol in the presses means no alcohol down the drains. We run completely alcohol-free litho presses.

Learn more at Roland

Chemical Free Platemaking

Otherwise known at CTP (computer-to-plate), this technology uses a thermal process instead of chemicals to produce plates for print.

Learn more at AGFA

Vegetable Based Ink

Conventional inks are petroleum based and use alcohol based solvents, which emit harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) when they evaporate. We use vegetable based inks instead.

Learn more at Stehlin Hostag

Recycling / 0% Landfill

Waste paper, board, plastic and glass is recycled from all departments. We also donate waste paper to local schools and arts organisations. Since 2011 we have recycled approximately 99% of the remaining waste every month, and are aiming for a target of 0% waste to landfill.

Energy Efficiency

We encourage all staff to switch off lights, chargers, computers, printers and appliances when not in use. Recent investment in a fleet of new Apple iMac's in the prepress and creative departments, and converting our Windows PC infrastructure to a virtualisation solution using low power client 'thins', has reduced our energy usage. All machines are Energy Star rated.

Learn more at Energy Star

Car Share Scheme

As well as using fuel efficient vehicles, Potts Print (UK) encourages its employees to share their vehicles wherever possible. The car share scheme is a simple idea that rewards groups of staff for using one car to travel to work, instead of one car each. Car shares are logged throughout the year, and at the end of each year the company divides an amount of money between all employees involved, plus a charity nominated by the group who log the most number of shares. This has become a popular way for all staff to contribute to CSR as well as the company's environmental aims.

The Future

Other initiatives currently being discussed include little things like getting rid of the plastic cups in the vending machines to big things like solar power and LED lighting. Details will be posted here as and when they happen.

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